Not Finger-Lickin’ Good, Any More???

March 04, 2011 – With Kentucky Fried Chicken trading its famous ‘finger lickin’ good tagline for a simpler ‘sogood’ worldwide, Grey Group Singapore, tasked with beaming consumers from the former to the latter in the Lion City, launched a new TVC and creative work.

Not wanting to simply announce the change, Grey decided to show consumers why the largest chicken quick service restaurant in Singapore is ‘sogood’.

The first challenge was to change the current perceptions – that preparing KFC’s Original Recipe chicken took little effort; that it is created by simply dumping pre-breaded chicken from the freezer to the fryer.

KFC’s Original Recipe Chicken is ‘sogood’ because it is cooked with a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. But there is also a 12th secret ingredient – the KFC cooks.

In every KFC restaurant, experienced cooks carefully prepare the Colonel’s chicken all day, every day. Because of these dedicated professionals, consumers enjoy meals that are both freshly-prepared and delicious.

Cooks at every KFC store and freshly prepared food were two salient points communicated through the following channels:

A 30 second TVC kicked off the ‘sogood’ campaign and for this, the agency went behind the counter to reveal what makes KFC everyone’s favourite. Press ads drove home the same message: KFC serves food that is freshly prepared by its cooks and across all KFC restaurants. Across all KFC restaurants, life-size standee ‘cooks’, went from kitchen to store front, inviting consumers in for a freshly prepared meal.

At home, the agency whet the appetites of both young and old with a direct mailer that offered a spread of freshly prepared KFC meals that could be delivered right to your doorstep.

On the social media front, the focus shifted from ‘promotional’ to ‘educational’ and overnight, thousands of KFC fans and their circle of friends learnt about the way KFC prepared its chicken.

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