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The Content Code

The Content Code is the main self-regulation guideline used in all Malaysian media. This is the code which helps us to determine what is tasteful content, and what material is offensive.

The Content Code was first registered with MCMC on 1 September 2004 and provides governing standards and best practices to all industries and citizens in Malaysia to guide their content creation. This ensures any content remains tasteful while restricting objectionable and unsuitable content.

From the movies and shows you watch to the advertisements on billboards, all of it is guided by the Content Code to make sure it is appropriate. It helps both creators and consumers to self-regulate and avoid offensive content according to Malaysia’s social values. This is in line with Section 211 CMA 98 which forbids objectionable content intended to harass or threaten any person.

So when you consume or create media, know that the Content Code is what helps Malaysia decide if it is appropriate. Everything you see or make is influenced by it and our understanding of Malaysian tastes and values.

Click HERE to view it online or download.

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